How to Make Your Home Stand Out In Today's Real Estate Market


Staging a home is setting yourself up for success!


Make The Best First Impression

Because the real estate market is more competitive than ever, you need to make your home stand out. If you don’t, chances are, your competition will. For this reason, more and more homeowners are enlisting the help of Designers to help sell their properties faster and for top dollar in today’s crowded real estate market.

Set The Stage For The Best Outcome

Home staging is the process of packaging, preparing and presenting your home so that it sells more quickly and at a higher price by making it appealing and attractive to the widest possible audience.

See It Through A Buyer’s Eyes

According to a survey carried out by the National Association of Realtors in 2019, more than 83% of buyers said that they found staged properties easier to visualize as their next home.

View Your Home Objectively

Because you live in your home each day it can be easy to overlook issues that need fixing, or clutter that agents and buyers may see as deal-breakers.

You’re not alone. Most homeowners can’t package their homes effectively because they don’t view it objectively. A professional Designer will help you see it in a new way and from a fresh perspective.

Stage And Declutter

53% of sellers’ agents say that home staging decreases the amount of time a home spends on the market, and 95% of agents recommend that sellers declutter their home before putting it on the market.

Upstage The Competition

Buyers have very high expectations, making the competition very stiff. Successful realtors know professional staging is the key to competing because it increases offers, drives buyer traffic and creates a great online presence.

Standout Online

Over 95% of buyers look at pictures of the home/property online first before they call an agent or go visit.

Overlook The “Flaws”

Though I recommend fixing your home’s flaws before putting it on the market, when a home is staged, almost a third of buyers will overlook property faults.


Add Curb Appeal

The landscaping around your home should be alive and healthy. Clean the walkways. Add furniture and flowers to the porch. If your lawn is dry, consider re-sodding or replacing it with drought-tolerant plants. Buyers may drive past your home before they decide to further inquire. And don’t skip the backyard!

Buyers can imagine relaxing around the fire pit with friends in the Adirondack chairs and soft pillows, covering up with luxurious throws, surrounded by colorful planters and a few fun accessories that will make this their fun summertime hangout of choice!

Edit It Or Pack It Up

Space sells. Pack away personal items such as photos and collections. Let buyers see how much space the home has to offer. This lets them imagine their personal items in the home. Buyers will want to see how much space is in the closets and cupboards so keep these areas clean and uncrowded.

-Add joyful touches to your home! Cut fresh citrus fruits or tie dried herbs such as relaxing- lavender to naturally scent your home and provide a pop of color!


The interior should gleam! Wash the exterior and interior window surfaces of your home. Steam clean the carpet, re-grout the tiles, replace corroded faucets and consider refinishing wood floors if they are worn. 

You should clean every area of your home. And consider staging all areas as well, including rooms and areas you may not necessarily think of staging, such as a toilet or shower. The space should feel bright, extra clean and refreshing for agent showings.  

Make It Serene, Not Sterile

Decorate your home with subtle touches such as table settings, bowls of fruit, fresh flowers, plush towels, new bedding and other neutral furnishings to help your home feel comfortable and inviting. Stay neutral with selections as you want buyers to focus on how the house feels versus focusing on décor that’s too loud with colors or patterns. 

Paint It

A fresh coat of paint applied both outside and inside your home does wonders to brighten it! Keep it sophisticated yet trendy. Neutral colors are best, as they appeal to a wider audience. Most paint stores have a brochure that gives neutral color favorites, start there! 

Arrange Furniture Properly

Each room should be arranged to maximize its flow and potential for its defined purpose. Pack away the tattered recliner, no matter how comfortable it is. If necessary, consider renting furniture that is better suited for the space. 

Ready, Set, Sell

You now have some professional tips and ideas to start preparing and staging your home for sale. If you are starting the journey of selling your home, I wish you all the best and a quick sale. If you’re looking to have your home staged – you know where to find me!

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